What’s New in Learn

Following this year’s Learn rollover (23rd and 24th July) there will be several new features appearing in Learn: Timeline tab to appear alongside the ‘My Modules’ dashboard, which gives students the ability to display outstanding activities in date order. This tab is effectively a checklist – as soon as an assignment is completed it willRead more

Changes to TurnItIn for next year

The Learn interface to TurnItIn is changing next year.  When the new edition of Learn is released on July 22nd, all TurnItIn assignments will need to be re-created for the new session.  This is no different from previous years, although the software will look slightly different (see: Changes to Turnitin ). A six-slide PowerPoint presentation is availableRead more

What is Learn for?

I was challenged a couple of days ago by an experienced academic colleague who said he had no idea what Learn (Moodle, if you’re reading this outside Loughborough) is actually for. I was rather taken aback by this as it seemed to me that this should be obvious. But then, I’ve been supporting e-learning inRead more

Puzzled by file upload in Learn12 / Moodle2?

Colleagues with modules on Learn (Moodle 2, for people reading this outside Lboro) will by now be aware that the way files are managed has changed. We recognise that the new approach to file management in Moodle 2 has caused some frustration among module tutors familiar with the approach in previous versions of Learn / Moodle.Read more

Dragging and dropping files in Learn / Moodle 2.2

In the new version of Learn based on Moodle 2.2, you can now drag-and-drop files from your desktop directly onto the module page (ie avoiding the need to upload a file first then link to it). You can even select multiple files to drag-and-drop at the same time. This is now the quickest and mostRead more

Initial Trials of Ephorus

This is a Dutch software app which claims to do much the same as TurnItIn (TII), only cheaper. A trial was set up whereby 20 files which had already been passed through TII were put through a demo version of Ephorus. The results: • The Ephorus demo account that was being used only checks againstRead more

Learning about Learn online quizzes

Felipe Iza uses Learn Quiz for formative assessment with Loughborough University first year Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering students.  He and his colleagues introduced a series of formative assessments throughout the course of their module designed to motivate and provide feedback to students, and to keep the module tutors informed of progress.  Using Learn, theRead more

The Elluminate roadmap

You will know that Elluminate and Wimba were both taken over by BlackBoard earlier this year, and merged into a new concern called BlackBoard Collaborate. At an online webinar yesterday, the plans for the new company were outlined.  A total of 236 people attended the session, which used Elluminate as its platform. It very quicklyRead more

Cloning modules on Learn

When updating your Learn modules, has the following thought occurred to you: I need to find a way of somehow cloning my Learn sites ABC101 and ABC102 since they are basically the same course, bar the assessment.   That’s exactly the query that came through to learn@lboro yesterday. Here’s the response from the Learn team: WhatRead more

Countdown to Rollover!

No, nothing to do with the National Lottery and mega jackpots – just a final reminder that the annual ‘rollover’ of Learn from one academic year to the next takes place on Monday 19th – Tuesday 20th July, during which time Learn will not be accessible. If you haven’t done so already, please notify usRead more

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