Forthcoming changes to copyright legislation

Subject to parliamentary approval, on 1 June 2014, the UK will see copyright law amendments improving the situation for colleges, universities and other learning providers. In order to make best use of these provisions, Jisc Legal is offering two different events and an online training package.  Find out more on their guidance page.  Read more

New copyright guide for e-learning authors

Jisc Legal have just released a new guide to copyright law for e-learning authors. If you’re an academic and think this doesn’t apply to you, think again! As a module tutor, you’re responsible for a module page on Learn (Moodle), and that makes you an e-learning author. The guide is concise, to the point, andRead more

New lecture capture checklist for tutors

As the University considers a step-change in its strategy around lecture capture, the Jisc Legal service have very helpfully published a new checklist aimed at tutors covering the questions you consider around copyright and othe IPR issues before embarking on recording your lectures. We’ll adapt this and build this into the support resources we giveRead more

BoB's your uncle

We’ve just learned that the Library has had budget approval to subscribe to the BoB Box of Broadcasts service, which is great news for any academic colleagues interested in using TV and radio programmes (or excerpts thereof) to support their teaching. Think of it as an academic iPlayer or Sky Plus box, that allows you toRead more

Copyright blog

For many people, copyright falls into the category of “things Life’s too short for”. But for anyone involved in teaching or research, there’s no getting away from it. Here to shed some light on an often murky area is the new Lboro copyright blog, maintained by Charlotte Greasley and colleagues in the Library, which nowRead more