Guide to Twitter for academics

Recently a number of colleagues have asked whether there is a guide to Twitter aimed at academics who have never previously tweeted. Fortunately there is – an excellent introduction, produced by Amy Mollett, Danielle Moran and Patrick Dunleavy of the LSE Public Policy Group, and made available under a Creative Commons licence. Using Twitter inRead more

Socrative: alternative tool for classroom voting / interaction

Following my last post on the SAP Powerpoint Twitter tools, I’ve been looking at the Socrative online voting system which has been around for several years now. As with Twitter-based voting (until that stopped working!), Socrative has the advantage by contrast with dedicated electronic voting systems (such as Turning Point which we support centrally at Loughborough) thatRead more

Twitter-based voting in Powerpoint: update

If you’ve been using the SAP Twitter tools for Powerpoint, about which I blogged back in the autumn, you’ll be disappointed to here that because of a change to the Twitter service itself, they will soon stop working correctly, according to a newsflash on Timo Elliott’s website. There are some alternatives you might like toRead more

Twitter: a guide to the law

If you’re a Twitter user, you’re probably aware of various high-profile cases where tweets have got their authors into serious trouble. Here’s a useful guide, published today on the BBC News website, to staying on the right side of the law. It also points to areas where the law (or intepretation of the law) isRead more

Using Twitter and Twitterfontana in Geography teaching

Prompted by earlier posts on the use of Twitter in History teaching, Dr Sarah Mills in the Department of Geography has been trying out Twitter in a reading seminar. She reports: Just to say thanks for the advice about Twitter!  The reading group went well this afternoon – 15 students, 3 sub-groups based on whoRead more

More on BoB and Twitter…

Historian Dr Marcus Collins is another ‘early adopter’ of the BoB (Box of Broadcasts) service and, as with his colleague Prof Chris Szejnmann, he has been combining it with Twitter in the classroom. He comments: I’m also a great fan of both BoB and Twitter. So far, I’ve been using both in just one module:Read more

BoB and Twitter… together

Prof Chris Szejnmann, who features regularly in case studies on this blog, has been trialling a combination of learning technologies in the last few weeks on one of his History modules. BoB (Box of Broadcasts) has been particularly useful for him as it has so much valuable source material for use in the teaching room.Read more

Twitter-based voting in Powerpoint

Following on from my last blog post on Quick Wins, there’s been quite a lot of interest in the use of Twitter in the teaching room. I’ve started using and telling colleagues about the free Powerpoint Twitter tools developed by Timo Elliott from SAP. You can download these from . The tools are embeddedRead more