Your new and improved Co-Tutor is coming – September 2014.

From 2014/15 a new and improved Co-Tutor will be rolled out across Loughborough. CEDE would like to celebrate and thank the many colleagues that have been involved along the way and will be hosting a launch event on the 24th September 2014 at 12 noon. Register for the event here: For the past yearRead more

Co-Tutor early adopter programme

Co-Tutor, developed and widely used at Loughborough, is now being made available to other institutions under an ‘Early Adopters’ programme. Co-Tutor is a Student & Staff Relationship Management (SSRM) system which allows academic staff and administrators to communicate with and manage personal tutees, project students, industrial placement activities, postgraduate research supervision and course cohorts. Co-TutorRead more

"Making personal tutoring work"

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Personal Tutors have a central role to play in the support – both academic and pastoral – that is on offer to our students. Guided by Academic Quality Procedures Handbook, and in particular by Appendix 16 – Personal Tutoring and Academic Guidance: Minimum Standards, a new Teaching Centre resource has been created to support the work of colleagues, asRead more

Students Voice resources

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Students Voice continues to be at the forefront of resource development for students (and staff) here at Loughborough. You might not be aware that they have created a set of readily accessible materials on the Loughborough Students Union website to support students on issues such as plagiarism, feedback, academic misconduct, impaired performance, etc., or that this informationRead more

New ‘Information for Academic and Personal Tutors’ web resource

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The Teaching Centre has been actively seeking to create and provide resources to support staff involved in the academic and/or personal tutoring process. A set of frequently asked questions has now been posted at and includes answers to common queries such as “What is the University’s advice on Personal Tutoring?”, “What support is there for youRead more