XLR Audio into iPad

For those of you who are more adventurous and have wondered if it were possible to have an XLR audio input to an iPad then the answer is yes. As you probably know there appears to be only a headphone out on an iPad but no mic input. However the headphone out can be usedRead more

BoB upgrade

Further to my earlier post on BoB this morning: BoB is being relaunched in October with some significant improvements. These include: access to more than 800,000 new BBC TV and radio programmes, dating from 2007, from the BBC archive an additional 13 foreign language channels an extended recording buffer – giving you more channels, availableRead more

BoB: did it deliver?

We’ve now come to the end of the first academic year in which the University has subscribed to BoB (Box of Broadcasts) and I think I can reasonably sum up the experience by saying that it’s been one of the best learning technologies I’ve been involved in adopting / promoting. The response from academic colleaguesRead more

Perfect Podcasts

I attended a Podcasting Special Interest Group last week (MEL SIG). One of the things which I took away from the event was that podcasts do not need to be perfect before being released to our learners. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we create a recording (audio only or a screencast)Read more

Smartpen: Recommended to all minute takers.

A new Smartpen user case study is now available. Katie is the Library Administrator and regularly uses her Smartpen when taking minutes. The pen records the audio of the meeting to allow her to listen again for more accurate notes. She suggests a simple technique of drawing a star within her notes to identify theRead more

Loan equipment

Quick reminder to colleagues that we have a range of equipment available for loan / testing, including: – 13 x mini camcorder kits (pictured) – 13 x audio recorders, including some capable of high quality recordings – ‘Instant web conferencing’ kit – Two different types of ‘smartpen’: Papershow and Livescribe – Portable document camera GetRead more

Introducing the Smartpen from Livescribe

Would you find it useful to listen again to a discussion from a meeting or lecture after the event? A Smartpen from Livescribe is a simple and useful tool to capture your notes so you don’t miss a detail. What is the Smartpen from Livescribe? A pen which digitally records both what you write butRead more

Improve your online presence next year

If you have a little cash that needs using up at the end of the financial year, you could do a lot worse than buying yourself a good quality USB or Wireless headset for your PC. Clear voice presentation really helps Elluminate online meetings, and as you are likely to be wearing the headset forRead more

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