Using the new leaderboard feature in Vevox

As part of the April 2020 update, a new frequently requested feature has been released – the option of having a leaderboad in any poll. If you choose to have this enabled, it will display to a customised screen to students that finish a poll in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. The best bit isRead more

Bridging the Feedback Gap

It is a common occurrence to hear staff express concerns about how feedback is used, but it’s often unclear what the expectations around feedback are for both students and staff. Simon Martin, Department of Materials (AACME), recently a conducted a survey that was aimed at establishing just how much student and staff attitudes to feedbackRead more

The blog is dead – long live the blog!

[Reposted] After over 4 years of regular posting, we’ve now taken the decision to merge the Loughborough E-learning Blog into the Teaching and Learning Blog. This reflects the fact that e-learning is no longer seen as a standalone activity but is increasingly embedded into mainstream teaching and learning. There is a wealth of historical postsRead more

Your new and improved Co-Tutor is coming – September 2014.

From 2014/15 a new and improved Co-Tutor will be rolled out across Loughborough. CEDE would like to celebrate and thank the many colleagues that have been involved along the way and will be hosting a launch event on the 24th September 2014 at 12 noon. Register for the event here: For the past yearRead more

Changes to TurnItIn for next year

The Learn interface to TurnItIn is changing next year.  When the new edition of Learn is released on July 22nd, all TurnItIn assignments will need to be re-created for the new session.  This is no different from previous years, although the software will look slightly different (see: Changes to Turnitin ). A six-slide PowerPoint presentation is availableRead more

University Calendar 2014-15

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Clare Wright (Senior Administrative Assistant, Mathematics Education Centre) has kindly made the University Calendar 2014/2015 available for use by all staff – this resource is accessible in pdf format via University Calendar (for staff) 2014-15. Further details regarding next academic year – including information from Student Enquiries with regard to Semester and term dates and from Human Resources in relation to holidays (pleaseRead more

Graham Gibbs on student engagement

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The latest Times Higher Education contribution by Graham Gibbs is concerned with ‘student engagement’, a term which he sees as ubiquitous, before asking us to consider what it actually means, and whether it might help to improve learning. There is never a shortage of food for thought, reflection, and action when it comes to this author. ForRead more

Europeana – think culture

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For those of you who have not browsed through Europeana before, and you are in anyway interested in European history, culture, film, etc., you are in for a treat! Describing themselves in their Factsheet Europeana – facts and figures as “the doorway to the digital resources of Europe’s museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual collections”, users are encouragedRead more

XLR Audio into iPad

For those of you who are more adventurous and have wondered if it were possible to have an XLR audio input to an iPad then the answer is yes. As you probably know there appears to be only a headphone out on an iPad but no mic input. However the headphone out can be usedRead more

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