TurnItIn for any assignment

TurnItIn have recently announced their Grade Anything initiative, which allows the system to accept files of any type for evaluation.  Obviously the text-matching will only work with files containing text.  However the GradeMark online marking tool is now applicable for a much wider variety of student coursework, as is demonstrated on their video clips . Don’tRead more

Evaluating the quality of web resources

TurnItIn have released two new tools to support the evaluation of web-based resources; a review of the sources actually used and an interactive tool for the evaluation of resources.  These should be useful as tutorial-level discussion pieces and lend some objectivity to assessing the worth of the Web. “Open access to this new interactive rubricRead more

Student perspective on learning technologies

One of the most anticipated and best received presentations at this month’s E-learning Showcase was from Lucy Hopkins, President of the Loughborough Students Union, on student expectations and experiences of learning technologies. Click on the screenshot to watch the ReVIEW capture of her presentation. You might also want to refer to the NUS report, commissioned by theRead more