The Learning and Teaching ebook

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A first edition of The Learning and Teaching ebook has become available on the International Staff website to which Loughborough University subscribes. Clearly written and offering a number of learning and teaching resources of use not just to academic staff new to Higher Education here in the UK, this text is available in a numberRead more

"Making personal tutoring work"

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Personal Tutors have a central role to play in the support – both academic and pastoral – that is on offer to our students. Guided by Academic Quality Procedures Handbook, and in particular by Appendix 16 – Personal Tutoring and Academic Guidance: Minimum Standards, a new Teaching Centre resource has been created to support the work of colleagues, asRead more

'Faculty Focus' – advice from across the Atlantic

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Based in the United States, Faculty Focus provides various free, as well as paid for, resources in the form of newsletters, downloadable reports, etc., regarding learning and teaching issues. Having subscribed to their free e-newsletter (sign up along the right-hand side of their homepage) and having downloaded a couple of their free reports over the pastRead more

"In at the deep end – starting to teach in higher education"

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Earlier this week, Phil Race (Emeritus Professor, Leeds Metropolitan University) posted a reminder on his blog that his booklet for new lecturers working in Higher Education is readily available online. Entitled In at the deep end – starting to teach in higher education, he presents a number of easily adaptable ideas and useful suggestions regarding preparatory work,Read more

HEA – "New to Teaching Toolkit"

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The Higher Education Academy (HEA) has just launched a new online New to Teaching Toolkit for staff who are starting out on, or returning to, a Higher Education (HE) career which will involve teaching. It includes guidance, literature and exercises in a number of areas including assessment and feedback, as well as large and small group teaching. In doing so, itRead more

Teaching large/small groups … 10 years on!

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Some ten years after they first appeared, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) articles by Peter Cantillon regarding the teaching of large groups and David Jaques on teaching small groups continue to be relevant today. This is not, as the BMJ might say, just about helping doctors to make better decisions, because the advice contained inRead more

Teaching for the first time

If you’re a first-time teacher, perhaps a PhD student who has been asked to do a few hours, you may well find the prospect pretty daunting. The Teaching at Kent blog, run by Kate Bradley, has a series of posts aimed at first-time teachers in which experienced lecturers answer some of the questions you’re likelyRead more