Attention Camtasia users!

If you’re a Camtasia user (and we have many here on campus, making narrated screen recordings for a variety of purposes), you might be interested in a new multi-platform app Techsmith have brought out called Fuse. This works with the latest versions of Camtasia (8.4) and allows you to send images and videos instantly fromRead more

BUFVC training course “Think Visual: video storytelling in education” – a short report

Photo of Millais' 1871 painting of a seafarer telling tales to a youthful Walter Raleigh

Millais ‘Boyhood of Raleigh’ – storytelling visually…

I was not expecting our 2013 LSU Exec video to feature as part of my training day last week at the British Universities Film and Video Council.

As part of a session discussing ‘how to use video to market your university’, a link from a frothing-at-the-mouth article in the Daily Mail took us to this infamous video. How we laughed. Whilst this video received the group’s strongest reaction of the day, and was so bad technically as to make the pro videographers (and anyone with a love of music) beg the presenter to stop it, it did highlight one of the main points of the day: authenticity.

Read more

Hanging Out

A colleague and I took part in a Google Hangout session yesterday with six other people from other institutions. Google Hangout is a video chat tool.  I was a bit weary about using this at first because a) I’ve never used it before, and b) there were 10 people expected at this virtual meeting soRead more

TurnItIn for any assignment

TurnItIn have recently announced their Grade Anything initiative, which allows the system to accept files of any type for evaluation.  Obviously the text-matching will only work with files containing text.  However the GradeMark online marking tool is now applicable for a much wider variety of student coursework, as is demonstrated on their video clips . Don’tRead more

Box of Broadcasts service downtime / relaunch

The Box of Broadcasts (BoB) service will be unavailable from 5pm on December 13th until December 23rd. This is to allow for preparation of the next major release (V3) which will be launched officially on January 6th. NB – the screenshot on the left shows the current version. BoB is a fantastic service for teachingRead more

BoB upgrade

Further to my earlier post on BoB this morning: BoB is being relaunched in October with some significant improvements. These include: access to more than 800,000 new BBC TV and radio programmes, dating from 2007, from the BBC archive an additional 13 foreign language channels an extended recording buffer – giving you more channels, availableRead more

BoB: did it deliver?

We’ve now come to the end of the first academic year in which the University has subscribed to BoB (Box of Broadcasts) and I think I can reasonably sum up the experience by saying that it’s been one of the best learning technologies I’ve been involved in adopting / promoting. The response from academic colleaguesRead more

BoB is getting an upgrade

This year will see a major upgrade for BoB National (Box of Broadcasts), including new features and an improved user experience. These developments are a result of feedback received from users. The new BoB National will be launched in October 2013. The new features will include: – access to more than 500,000 new BBC TV andRead more

Ultra High Definition video for healthcare education

Today researchers at UK universities will carry out 3D demonstrations on a ‘virtual patient’, showing how groundbreaking ultra high definition (UHD) technology is making a real difference to medical training and diagnosis. Already used by trainee radiographers at Cardiff University, UHD technology, using the UK’s research and education high-speed data network Janet, has the potentialRead more

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