Degree Attainment Gaps and New Research at Loughborough University

In this blog-post for the Centre for Academic Practice, Nuzhat Fatima, LSU Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer, discusses the Black and Minority Ethnic student attainment gap in UK higher education institutions, and introduces a new research project at Loughborough entitled ‘Experiences in the Classroom and Beyond: The Role of Race and Ethnicity’ What is theRead more

CAP Forum: Research-informed curriculum design: successes and challenges

Our most recent CAP Forum focused on research-informed curriculum design. As a recent Research-informed Teaching Award winner, Dr Line Nyhagen took us through some of her wonderful successes and some of the challenges she has faced in four specific innovative teaching practices which were designed to enhance student engagement. The first is a field visitRead more

Group work resources

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Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we already have! A colleague was recently in touch regarding group work resources, and that set us to thinking. Indeed, it led us to conclude that there is a lot of good advice out there already from which we can draw. For example, the Learnhigher Centre for Excellence in TeachingRead more

Audiovisual citation guidelines launched today

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Have you ever wondered how to cite a television advert? Or what about an extra from a DVD? Do you ever need to provide advice to students or contributors about how to reference audiovisual content within their own work? The British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) has today launched a pioneering set of guidelinesRead more

Critical thinking in the curriculum

How do you incorporate critical thinking into your teaching? What techniques do you use to promote critical thinking? Are you willing to share your ideas with colleagues? Teaching Centre staff have recently begun work on the ‘Skills in the Curriculum’ project.  Focussing on the acquistion, development and assessment of critical thinking, the project aims toRead more

Recording and rewarding student experience

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In a bid to ensure its graduates are job ready, Keele University has recently introduced a ‘development strand’ to complement the academic curriculum. Facilitatated by a review of degree structures at the institution, the ‘development strand’ encourages students to reflect on their personal learning and evidence their development throughout their studies. Rather than a set of aspirational graduate attributesRead more

Helping your students avoid common grammatical errors

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As part of a larger project working with colleagues in PHIR, Teaching Centre staff have put together a resource which highlights the 10 most common punctuation/grammar errors. Aimed at first year students, the resource suggests pitfalls to avoid when beginning to write ‘in an academic style’ – something which many students find challenging. Although this versionRead more

The teaching and assessment of graduate attributes

  What abilities do we want our students to be able to take away with them on graduation? Knowledge and expertise of their discipline area is one, but there is also a growing emphasis on the skills and attributes that will prepare them for work and life. In the UK, David Willetts, the Minister forRead more

Interactive time management clock

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As part of an ongoing project being undertaken in the Teaching Centre, an interactive time management clock has been developed to help students see how they spend their time. You can save the resource to your own desktop as an html file and then customise as required or use the resource as it is. Currently the clock is beingRead more