The blog is dead – long live the blog!

[Reposted] After over 4 years of regular posting, we’ve now taken the decision to merge the Loughborough E-learning Blog into the Teaching and Learning Blog. This reflects the fact that e-learning is no longer seen as a standalone activity but is increasingly embedded into mainstream teaching and learning. There is a wealth of historical postsRead more

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Confused by Twitter? Do you look at the tweets in the right-hand column of this blog and think: “I don’t have a clue what that means”? Over on the E-learning Blog, I posted recently a link to a guide to Twitter aimed at academics who have never previously tweeted, produced by Amy Mollett, Danielle MoranRead more

We are now on Twitter!

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The Teaching Centre now has a Twitter account. We will be tweeting with new blog postings and general news from the centre including dates for up and coming courses and other pieces of info we think may be of use to you all. If you have Twitter why not give us a follow and a tweet usingRead more