New web conferencing software

From August 1st, we will be using Adobe Connect Pro v9 as our standard web conferencing / online classroom software. An outline of the program is available in this leaflet and in this Getting Started Guide. Initial tests indicate that the web meetings have better audio and video quality than previously, and the system works in a very similarRead more

The 'Instant Collaborate' kit

One of the uses to which we put our web conferencing software is the ‘Lunch and Lecture’ series which is part of an EU-sponsored Transport Technology MSc in Civil and Building Engineering. Each month the part-time MSc students gather for a lunch followed by an afternoon of lectures on transport planning topics by guest lecturers.Read more

The Collaborate Roadmap

Today’s webinar from BlackBoard Collaborate gave some detail on the plans for the Collaborate platform over the next few years. New features promised on the roadmap: “In the next few months” – the UK will get its own Collaborate servers. This should mean greatly reduced audio and video latency, and probably a more reliable service.Read more

Elluminate becomes Collaborate 11

As mentioned earlier, our Elluminate web conferencing package has been re-branded as BlackBoard Collaborate 11 and the new version has been made the default for all new Learn web conferences. The new version has the same functionality as before, but looks a little less intimidating.  Users of the previous system are advised to try outRead more

Improve your online presence next year

If you have a little cash that needs using up at the end of the financial year, you could do a lot worse than buying yourself a good quality USB or Wireless headset for your PC. Clear voice presentation really helps Elluminate online meetings, and as you are likely to be wearing the headset forRead more

Arggh! Where did Elluminate Go?

Anybody logging into the Elluminate website may have been surprised by the changed design. As part of the re-branding of the Elluminate Live! web conferencing package as BlackBoard Collaborate, the home page of the Elluminate website has changed.  Log in and go further, and you’ll find it’s exactly the same as before.  Panic over.Read more

Elluminate update

Current and would-be users of Elluminate Live, the University’s web conferencing tool, will be pleased to know that our licence has just been renewed for another year. New users of Elluminate at Loughborough include the International Office who, as I type this, are conducting a trial run prior to using the tool to deliver online trainingRead more

JISC Digital Media Online Surgeries 2011

Those colleagues who are thinking about using Elluminate in their teaching may be interested in a series of JISC Digital media events over the next month: ‘Screencasting allows you to capture what you are doing on your computer and package this screen capture as an effective and accessible learning resource. Especially in online and distanceRead more

Elluminate: the experience so far

Loughborough’s institutional licence for the Elluminate web conferencing tool has been in place since back in the summer, and many colleagues have now experienced it either through delivering or participating in a session. Two areas that have been particularly active in the use of Elluminate are CREST and WEDC. In the YouTube video below, SherylRead more