Smartpen: Recommended to all minute takers.

A new Smartpen user case study is now available. Katie is the Library Administrator and regularly uses her Smartpen when taking minutes. The pen records the audio of the meeting to allow her to listen again for more accurate notes. She suggests a simple technique of drawing a star within her notes to identify theRead more

Papershow: another technology-enhanced pen

‘Papershow’ might sound like something out of A Clockwork Orange but it is in fact another clever pen superficially similar to the Livescribe Smartpen described in Jenny’s post earlier today. It actually serves a different purpose, insofar as it is intended for live use in the classroom, transmitting wirelessly whatever it writes or draws (onRead more

Introducing the Smartpen from Livescribe

Would you find it useful to listen again to a discussion from a meeting or lecture after the event? A Smartpen from Livescribe is a simple and useful tool to capture your notes so you don’t miss a detail. What is the Smartpen from Livescribe? A pen which digitally records both what you write butRead more

Papershow – a pen with a difference

We’ve just taken delivery of three new ‘Papershow’ sets which are now available for demonstration or loan purposes to colleagues. Papershow comprises a special pen equipped with a miniature camera and a bluetooth transmitter; a USB ‘dongle’ for your PC or laptop; and a pack of paper preprinted with tiny dots. It allows you toRead more