Degree Attainment Gaps and New Research at Loughborough University

In this blog-post for the Centre for Academic Practice, Nuzhat Fatima, LSU Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer, discusses the Black and Minority Ethnic student attainment gap in UK higher education institutions, and introduces a new research project at Loughborough entitled ‘Experiences in the Classroom and Beyond: The Role of Race and Ethnicity’ What is theRead more

Changes are a-coming in Disabled Students’ Allowances

This blog post has been contributed by Karisa Krcmar from the Counselling and Disability Service at Loughborough University. I am a little hesitant about writing about disability legislation and cuts in funding in a month Centre for Academic Practice have dedicated to inclusive learning. In an ideal word there would be no need to talk about adjustmentsRead more

Know your learners

Did you know that there are approximately 200,000 students in HE who have a declared disability (DIUS,2009)? I was made aware of this in an online session about eLearning and accessibility. As online content providers, it is our responsibility to ensure that we design resources which are as inclusive as possible. But how can weRead more