Your new and improved Co-Tutor is coming – September 2014.

From 2014/15 a new and improved Co-Tutor will be rolled out across Loughborough. CEDE would like to celebrate and thank the many colleagues that have been involved along the way and will be hosting a launch event on the 24th September 2014 at 12 noon. Register for the event here: For the past yearRead more

Co-Tutor early adopter programme

Co-Tutor, developed and widely used at Loughborough, is now being made available to other institutions under an ‘Early Adopters’ programme. Co-Tutor is a Student & Staff Relationship Management (SSRM) system which allows academic staff and administrators to communicate with and manage personal tutees, project students, industrial placement activities, postgraduate research supervision and course cohorts. Co-TutorRead more