Degree Attainment Gaps and New Research at Loughborough University

In this blog-post for the Centre for Academic Practice, Nuzhat Fatima, LSU Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer, discusses the Black and Minority Ethnic student attainment gap in UK higher education institutions, and introduces a new research project at Loughborough entitled ‘Experiences in the Classroom and Beyond: The Role of Race and Ethnicity’ What is theRead more

Which seat do you take on the learning tandem?

The tandem takes centre stage in illustrating a key question in the partnership of learning:  which seat do each of us give our learners and which do we take for ourselves? The analogy formed part of Marcia Baxter Magolda’s talk at a recent Lifewide Learning event in London, where the conference artist illustrated her thoughts.Read more


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With today’s word being ‘cognizant‘, I thought that it was time to share the Newswordy web resource with T&L Blog, err, aficionados. In defining their latest posting (i.e. ‘cognizant’) as an adjective meaning “having knowledge or being aware of”, this site – which I’ve only come across in recent weeks – goes on to offer a recent use of thisRead more

Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims

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The journal Nature has this week published an interesting comment piece aimed specifically at educating politicians about the scientific approach to data but which could just as easily be used for many different types of data.  The “twenty tips” are as useful in helping us remember how to judge educational data and to avoid simpleRead more