A new way to access TurnItIn

After almost a year’s development, we now have an alternative way to submit coursework files to the TurnItIn UK plagiarism checking service.¬† Learn has a new TurnItIn Assignment activity in which:

  • Students¬† submit their coursework by uploading to a TurnItIn Assignment activity
  • Learn stores a local copy and also automatically sends a copy for checking to TurnItIn
  • The tutor can mark the submissions manually or use the online GradeMark tool at TurnItIn
  • The Originality Report scores and marks are returned to Learn
  • The Originality reports can be viewed from Learn, and
  • Tutors may opt to allow students to see the Originality Reports after the work has been marked

The underlying service is the same as before, but the new TurnItIn Assignment activity is an improvement because it:

  • Can be used by any tutor with a module on Learn (no registration necessary)
  • Means less administrative work for the tutor
  • Gives the student a digital receipt for their submission, and
  • Allows for anonymous online marking

A new flyer describing the service will be circulated to departments later this month, or can be downloaded from here.