Screencast design

Interested in finding out more about designing and creating screencasts? Take a look at Designing a PowerPoint Screencast Using Camtasia. This blog post clearly describes the key elements of an effective screencast including creating bumpers, suggesting ways to assess students’ learning and how to integrate with other resources such as google forms and the quizRead more

Biometric attendance monitoring: from science fiction to the lecture theatre

  In the 2002 film Minority Report biometric identity tests, in the form of retina scanning techniques, are commonplace as a means of personal identification.¬†Biometric tests may have once been the¬†work of science fiction, but they are now a feature of international border control and, it would appear, entering the lecture theatre. Students at NewcastleRead more

Assessment criteria initiative

Results from the National Student Survey indicate that assessment and feedback are key areas of concern for Loughborough University students. Specifically, students have commented on: lack of clear assessment criteria causing uncertainty about what is required when presenting work for assessment limited constructive feedback indicating areas for improvement. As part of the reponse to theseRead more

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