Papershow: another technology-enhanced pen

‘Papershow’ might sound like something out of A Clockwork Orange but it is in fact another clever pen superficially similar to the Livescribe Smartpen described in Jenny’s post earlier today. It actually serves a different purpose, insofar as it is intended for live use in the classroom, transmitting wirelessly whatever it writes or draws (onRead more

Go Swivl!

One of the constraints with current video lecture capture solutions is that the camera is in a fixed position so that, as presenter, you have to remain in the area around the podium if you wish to stay in shot. With colleagues in Teaching Support, we’ve been investigating professional tracking systems which enable the cameraRead more

Introducing the Smartpen from Livescribe

Would you find it useful to listen again to a discussion from a meeting or lecture after the event? A Smartpen from Livescribe is a simple and useful tool to capture your notes so you don’t miss a detail. What is the Smartpen from Livescribe? A pen which digitally records both what you write butRead more

Recording student presentations using ReVIEW

Dr Dave Elder-Vass is a Lecturer in Sociology and a recent user of the ReVIEW automated lecture capture system. Here he describes his experiences and those of his students. This semester I’ve been running a module for second and third year undergraduates in the social sciences called Debating Society. I say ‘running’ rather than ‘teaching’Read more

"Listen carefully – I shall say this only once"

Older readers may be familiar with the 1980s BBC sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo, set in occupied France during the Second World War. At some point in every episode, the character Michelle (leader of the local Resistance) gathers her co-conspirators together with the command “Listen carefully – I shall say this only once”. I was reminded ofRead more

101 Uses for Lecture Capture: #57 Pre-Arrival Advice

As the availability of the ReVIEW automated lecture capture service increases to cover the whole campus, new applications are being found, by support services as well as academic colleagues. The International Office have started to use ReVIEW (and the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing service) in interesting ways, supporting their network of agents as well asRead more

Lecture capture at Loughborough in 2011/12

After a successful first full pilot year of operation, the ReVIEW automated lecture capture service will be back in 2011/12, underpinned as before by the Echo 360 system. Last year over 500 ‘sessions’ were captured – not just lectures to students, but also inaugural lectures, staff development workshops, meetings, conferences, and a variety of otherRead more

Lecture Capture with an Added Dimension

In this E-learning Showcase 2011 presentation, Martin White (Materials) compares and contrasts different approaches to lecture capture as applied to a Distance Learning Fund project last year. This project involved pre-recording 10 hours of guest lectures for a module on Packaging Technology. The added dimension in the title refers to the use of a ‘visualiser’Read more

JISC Digital Media Online Surgeries 2011

Those colleagues who are thinking about using Elluminate in their teaching may be interested in a series of JISC Digital media events over the next month: ‘Screencasting allows you to capture what you are doing on your computer and package this screen capture as an effective and accessible learning resource. Especially in online and distanceRead more

ReVIEW support

Check out the new ReVIEW support section on this blog at . This contains a set of excellent resources reproduced under a Creative Commons licence from the JISC-funded ELTAC project at Coventry, including a video tutorial on editing your captured lectures. We’ll be adding further resources of our own over the next few weeks.Read more

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