Peer assessment of conceptual understanding of mathematics

Ian Jones and Lara Alcock in the Mathematics Education Centre recently undertook an innovation designed to assess undergraduates’ conceptual understanding of mathematics. Undergraduates first sat a written test in which they had to explain their understanding of key concepts from the module. They then assessed their peers’ work online using an approach called Adaptive ComparativeRead more

Learning about Learn online quizzes

Felipe Iza uses Learn Quiz for formative assessment with Loughborough University first year Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering students.  He and his colleagues introduced a series of formative assessments throughout the course of their module designed to motivate and provide feedback to students, and to keep the module tutors informed of progress.  Using Learn, theRead more

Swivl in the teaching room

Update to initial review posted on April 24th: as I type, our first academic user of the Swivl tracking system, Prof Chris Szejnmann, Professor of Modern History, is using the Swivl in conjunction with a Zoom Q3HD pocket camcorder (which we highly recommend for its unmatched audio recording quality) to capture a seminar. To the bestRead more

Smartpen: Recommended to all minute takers.

A new Smartpen user case study is now available. Katie is the Library Administrator and regularly uses her Smartpen when taking minutes. The pen records the audio of the meeting to allow her to listen again for more accurate notes. She suggests a simple technique of drawing a star within her notes to identify theRead more

Using video in the Design School machine workshop

Kevin Badni is a Senior Lecturer in the Loughborough Design School. Here he describes his experience of producing tutorial videos, funded by a Teaching Innovation Award, in order to show students how to use metal machining equipment. His findings will be of interest to any colleagues whose students need to learn (and remember) how toRead more

Recording student presentations using ReVIEW

Dr Dave Elder-Vass is a Lecturer in Sociology and a recent user of the ReVIEW automated lecture capture system. Here he describes his experiences and those of his students. This semester I’ve been running a module for second and third year undergraduates in the social sciences called Debating Society. I say ‘running’ rather than ‘teaching’Read more

101 Uses for Lecture Capture: #57 Pre-Arrival Advice

As the availability of the ReVIEW automated lecture capture service increases to cover the whole campus, new applications are being found, by support services as well as academic colleagues. The International Office have started to use ReVIEW (and the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing service) in interesting ways, supporting their network of agents as well asRead more

Video assignments in Learn

In this video clip, Michel Cornette, a senior tutor on the University Wide Language Programme, talks about how he made use of the ‘Upload a File Assignment Activity’ in Learn / Moodle with his English class for French-speakers. As he explains, what he was looking for was a mechanism for managing the process of studentsRead more

Use of mini camcorders for feedback to students

In this E-learning Showcase presentation, Professor Chris Szejnmann (Head of History) talks about his use of the Flip mini camcorder (similar to the Kodak models we have available for loan) as a tool for students to record their own presentations, and as a way of giving more effective and meaningful feedback to students. Click onRead more

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