Live mobile video streaming with Bambuser

Bambuser may sound like an instrument of magic from Harry Potter but it is in fact a Web 2.0 service (with associated smartphone apps) that makes it possible to broadcast over the Web live video from your phone, via 3G or wifi. In order to try it out, all you need to do is setRead more

The Elluminate roadmap

You will know that Elluminate and Wimba were both taken over by BlackBoard earlier this year, and merged into a new concern called BlackBoard Collaborate. At an online webinar yesterday, the plans for the new company were outlined.  A total of 236 people attended the session, which used Elluminate as its platform. It very quicklyRead more

ReVIEW for mobile devices

Did you know that the ReVIEW system automatically generates additional file formats that are suitable for playback on mobile devices? As a presenter, when you log into the ReVIEW system to check your capture before you make it available via Learn, you see the following options if you hover over your recording: If you choose¬†‘playRead more

iPad – the Newton reborn?

So Apple have finally pulled the wraps off the long-awaited iPad, and pretty cool it looks too. I say this as a recently converted Apple fan, having bought an iPhone 3GS back in December and bored friends and colleagues ever since with endless app demonstrations. Industry pundits seem to agree that the new device isRead more

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