Online submission FAQs

How do I download submitted coursework? The two main routes to online coursework submission each have a different mechanism for downloading the submitted files. The notes below describe approaches to marking and the provision of feedback using Learn’s online submission tools Downloading a class’ assignments Providing online feedbackRead more

Technologies for delivering feedback

I was invited to the University Learning and Teaching Committee yesterday to give a short presentation on how learning technologies can be used to deliver feedback to students. This is an area in which students themselves (and their Union representatives) can see opportunities for much more use of technology. In my presentation I covered aRead more

TurnItIn assignments on Learn

If you used a TurnItIn assignment activity in one of your modules last year, you will find that there is a copy of it in your 2012 module on Learn. The copy will not work. It was set up with the 2011 class list and will generate an error if you try to re-use itRead more

Peer assessment of conceptual understanding of mathematics

Ian Jones and Lara Alcock in the Mathematics Education Centre recently undertook an innovation designed to assess undergraduates’ conceptual understanding of mathematics. Undergraduates first sat a written test in which they had to explain their understanding of key concepts from the module. They then assessed their peers’ work online using an approach called Adaptive ComparativeRead more

TurnItIn UK User Group

Manchester, 21/9/11 This was attended by 91 users, many from UK HE, but including schools, colleges and exam boards. A straw poll indicated a roughly 50:50 split between those institutions using Originality Checking as a formative tool for the iterative refinement of coursework (mainly new universities and colleges) and those using it as a summativeRead more

"I can't see myself going back to paper marking"

In this post (reproduced from our Summer 2011 “E-learning Innovations” staff newsletter), Ben Halkon (Wolfson School) talks about his use of the GradeMark online marking tool in Turnitin. I didn’t want the hassle of having to manage a pile of paper marking, and the integration with the Originality Reporting from TurnItIn was useful, so I optedRead more

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