Miracasting from Android devices

Miracasting from Android devices In parallel with the Tablets in Teaching project, we have also been evaluating various Android devices as alternatives to Apple iPads. With the advent of Android 4.2, it has been possible to wirelessly project an Android screen onto an HDMI display.  By this we mean that anything on the mobile device’sRead more

Tablets in teaching

Are you using a tablet in your teaching – either iPad or Android? If so, we’d like to hear from you. How are you using it? Have you found any particularly useful apps? What response have you had from students? We’re planning a ‘tablets in teaching’ project for next academic year and any feedback would beRead more

Why don't students contribute to my forums on Learn?

This is a question I often hear from academic colleagues. It’s very easy to set up a forum on your module page on Learn, and to post a question to your students, but these actions in themselves will not usually be enough to promote discussion. There has been plenty of academic research into this area,Read more

Quick wins (2)

This week I gave a short presentation on ‘Quick Learning Technology Wins’ to a group of Programme Directors and LT Co-ordinators within the School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences at the request of the Associate Dean for Teaching, Ruth Kinna. My starting point for this was that academic colleagues have many conflicting demands on theirRead more

What is Learn for?

I was challenged a couple of days ago by an experienced academic colleague who said he had no idea what Learn (Moodle, if you’re reading this outside Loughborough) is actually for. I was rather taken aback by this as it seemed to me that this should be obvious. But then, I’ve been supporting e-learning inRead more

Teaching and learning blog

If you find the E-learning Blog useful, you might also like to visit (and bookmark) the Teaching and Learning Blog, which is where we’re now posting items that relate to teaching, learning and assessment more generally. You’ll find it at: https://blog.lboro.ac.uk/teachingandlearning/Read more

Quick Wins

Academic colleagues are under such pressure from all quarters these days that it’s hardly surprising many find it difficult to invest time in learning how to use new technologies in their teaching. That said, there are plenty of ‘quick wins’ out there – tools and techniques you can try out relatively easily, without adding toRead more

Manifesto for Teaching Online

There is a tendency in Higher Education (and other sectors) for managers, academics and – let’s be honest – learning technologists to make lazy assertions as to what works in e-learning and what doesn’t. In response to this, teachers and researchers associated with the MSc in E-learning at the University of Edinburgh have developed aRead more

Frontiers in Science Teaching and Turning Technologies User Conference 2012

Titled ‘Clickers, Peer Instruction and the Inverted Classroom’, the Centre for Science Education, Aarhus University and Turning Technologies are hosting a joint symposium at Aarhus University 18-19 June, 2012. If it’s like the previous Turning Technologies User Conference held at the University of Surrey, this will be quite an inspiring two-day conference. Whilst there isRead more

Mathematics lecturing in the digital age

In this article published in the International Journal of Mathematical Education, Sven Trenholm, Lara Alcock and Carol Robinson of the Mathematics Education Centre “investigate issues related to the transformation of lecture practice by the emergence of e-lectures. ..[They] discuss the latter in terms of claims about the efficiencies offered by new technologies and contrast these withRead more

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