In my last post on the demise of Twitterfountain, I mentioned Twitterfontana as an alternative well worth taking a look at, but sounding a note of caution about over-reliance on any free Web 2.0 services as they can (and do) disappear overnight. The next day I received an email from Jaap Roes, one of the developersRead more

Twitterfountain: a cautionary tale

The expert Twitterati amongst you may have come across the Twitterfountain service, which enabled you to create an animated stream of tweets featuring a specific hashtag, against a backdrop of images found with a particular tag on Flickr, with the tweets updated in realtime. This was great for conference sessions, or even for teaching, asRead more

There's more to social networking than Facebook and Twitter

Did you know… ∙ Twitter and Facebook are blocked in most parts of China by the Great Firewall of China? ∙ China has 485 million Internet users, more than any other country in the world? ∙, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, already has 195 million users (almost as many as Twitter)? ∙ Manchester BusinessRead more

Plagiarism goes Social

A recent study by TurnItIn looked at the sources of 110 million content matches over 40 million submissions, and found: 33% of matching text came from Social Networking sites, content sharing sites or question-and-answer sites 25% of matching text came from educational sites 15% of matching text came from cheat sites, and 7% of matchingRead more

JISC Digital Media Online Surgeries 2011

Those colleagues who are thinking about using Elluminate in their teaching may be interested in a series of JISC Digital media events over the next month: ‘Screencasting allows you to capture what you are doing on your computer and package this screen capture as an effective and accessible learning resource. Especially in online and distanceRead more

"Email for Life", e-Portfolios etc with Google Apps for Alumni

At Loughborough we went live with Google Apps for our students last Christmas. This was very well received, and we are currently in the throes of launching Google for Alumni. We have been liaising closely with Google’s developer team for several months to create a system that will allow students leaving this Summer to keepRead more

Web 2.0 and your students

The Library, E-learning Team and Students’ Union have just completed a study to find out more about how students are using Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook and YouTube for both their social lives and their studies. An on-line survey was completed by 178 students. The results show that most students use Web 2.0 sites for bothRead more

Web 2.0 for teaching and learning

There has been much debate in the HE sector recently about the use of Web 2.0 services to support teaching and learning. (Here is one definition of Web 2.0 on Wikipedia, itself one of the best-known examples of a Web 2.0 site.) We all know how popular social networking sites such as Facebook are with students,Read more

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