Introducing the Smartpen from Livescribe

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Would you find it useful to listen again to a discussion from a meeting or lecture after the event? A Smartpen from Livescribe is a simple and useful tool to capture your notes so you don’t miss a detail.

What is the Smartpen from Livescribe?

A pen which digitally records both what you write but also what you hear. Using the Livescribe notepad, simply switch the pen on and press record to start.

Recommended as a useful note taking device.

I used this pen in a meeting where I was taking the minutes, and to be honest it was just like using any other pen and paper (except the pen was a little heavier than your standard biro). The real advantage came when I came to type up the meeting, and was able to revisit the audio and pick which sections of the audio to listen too by pressing the pen nib on the associated note.
This pen records and replays without the need to connect to a computer, but the Livescribe software also enables you to transfer all recordings for saving, replaying and sharing as required.

I would definitely recommend this pen to anyone who is required to take detailed meeting or lecture notes and would find it advantageous to replay the audio, or to share recordings with others to revisit.

The E-learning team have a Smartpen for Loughborough staff to borrow. Please contact a member of the E-learning team if you are interested in finding out more. Similar devices include Papershow, for projecting notes as you write within a lecture scenario. 

Smartpen guide (pdf) 
User Review Smartpen (pdf)