SQR Teachers Network

Are you a member of Loughborough University staff who teaches Statistics, Quantitative methods, Econometrics, or indeed any other topics aligned to these such as Research Methods, at any level (introductory, intermediate, specialist) to undergraduate or postgraduate students?

Are you interested in meeting informally with other Loughborough University staff who also teach these topics, to share their ideas and experiences?

The Mathematics Education Centre together in collaboration with the Teaching Centre is proposing the formation of a new network, we are thinking of calling the SQR Network, to bring together staff from any area of Loughborough University who teach these topics at any level.

We hope that the first meeting will include a discussion of how the network can best meet the needs of the staff involved, as well as offering two short 10 minute presentations from staff sharing their experiences and ideas in this area. In addition, there will also be a brief introduction to a new on-line teaching and learning resource in statistics that Loughborough University has been instrumental in developing.

The very first meeting of the network is planned to be held on Friday 8th June. For more information please email Alun Owen at a.j.owen@lborough.ac.uk