Optical Mark Recognition service – usage in Semester 2

It’s the technology that wouldn’t be killed!

Three or four years ago, you might have been forgiven for thinking that OMR as a means of delivering / marking assessments was on its way out. After all, surely it would all be done online soon?

But in fact, year on year, use of OMR at Loughborough continues to increase.

In Semester 2, the figures were as follows:

Total number of papers: 64 which is a 11% increase on last year.

6678 students were registered on modules which used OMR exams. This is 491 more than Semester 2 exams last year.

Approximately 314,311 OMR questions were taken by students. If marked by academics at 5 seconds per question,┬áthis would take 437 hours…