Feedback on use of lecture capture in Materials MSc programmes

Polymerisation Revision ReVIEW screenshotLast summer the Materials department, within the School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering (AACME), took the strategic decision to capture all lectures on modules with distance learners across three MSc programmes. The experience was reviewed by their Postgraduate Teaching and Learning Committee last week, with some key points emerging:

– Feedback from students to the programme manager was highly complimentary for the modules using lecture capture.

– Part-time distance learning students, discussing their module choices for 2013-14, have been specifically asking for modules with lecture capture.

– There has been no negative feedback or criticism of the video lecture content by any student.

– Full-time students also found the recordings useful with an especially high level of interest around exam revision time.

– The overseas students where English is not their first language found video captures especially useful to clarify some lecture topics.

– In response to a call to Semester 1 lecturers asking them if they want to have their lectures recorded again this year the response has been very positive and those lecturers who did not have their lectures captured last year have chosen to do so this year.

– A number of lecturers found that using lecture capture significantly reduced the amount of work they had to put into distance learning materials for part time students, in one case scrapping all old printed materials (booklets) and replacing with Video lectures and online content only.

– Lecturers were very pleased with the results and didn’t find the process hard to engage with. Using the visualisers in lectures was especially popular.

(With thanks to Martin White, who co-ordinated the project)