Lecture Capture Conference Postscript

Jim Turner (photo courtesy of Sandra Huskinson)

Our 2nd lecture capture conference last month, attended by over 70 delegates, received very positive feedback and generated some fantastic debates about the value of lecture capture.

There was general agreement that it would be useful to run another event with a similar focus (on pedagogic research around lecture capture) later this year, and we’ll certainly look at doing this.

All the main presentations were captured and can be accessed below.

Morning session 1: http://review.lboro.ac.uk:8080/ess/echo/presentation/6237eb11-fe08-4e02-b6d4-5e2403d0567f

Morning session 2: http://review.lboro.ac.uk:8080/ess/echo/presentation/0cbd5ce9-b266-40f7-9f7b-e18895eecc22

Afternoon session: http://review.lboro.ac.uk:8080/ess/echo/presentation/1cde883b-9ee6-4fe0-bc5f-bd26cd1e5e69

Details of the sessions can be found here.

(Photo of Jim Turner courtesy of Sandra Huskinson)