Focus on feedbackThere is accumulating evidence that on-line marking and feedback can be more effective and efficient than traditional paper-based methods. Thus using technology, to deliver feedback can have several benefits:

  • It allows us to provide more feedback in less time through the use of repeated comments;
  • It helps provide more detailed feedback through the use of in-text annotations and general comments;
  • It can help develop a stronger link between marking criteria, feedback and the grade through the additional use of a rubric.

What is GradeMark?

GradeMark is an on-line marking system which is part of Turnitin (often used to check originality), and can be accessed via Learn.

Main Features of GradeMark

This on-line marking system allows lecturers to mark work on-line without the need to download documents or upload feedback. You can annotate a student’s assessment using features which allow you to

  • Highlight text
  • Embed comments
  • Use QuickMarks, which are commonly used comments which can be saved, along with an explanation, and used to students work. QuickMarks are saved into Sets which can be created by a School, lecturer and shared amongst colleagues.
  • Use rubrics to link feedback to specific assessment criteria
  • Insert general comments
  • Insert audio feedback
  • Use shared comments (for example to address common issues),
  • Easy access to the Turnitin originality report

Why use GradeMark?

  • You can provide personalised feedback by creating your own library of comments known as QuickMarks.
  • Use of QuickMarks can help make marking more efficient and quick and allows you to provide more detailed feedback
  • In-text annotations help the students to pinpoint precisely where they went wrong
  • GradeMark allows you to track the number of times different comments are used, which provides feedback to the marker about common problems that should be addressed with all students.
  • Students like the legibility of feedback and being able to access it quickly
  • Research has shown that the use of electronic feedback can lead to improvements in NSS scores, if used effectively
  • GradeMark is easy to use and support is provided by the Centre for Academic Practice
  • There is an iPad app for GradeMark, allowing marking on the move

What to know more?

Want to learn more about GradeMark and how this on-line tool could be used for marking your students work? Then please get in touch with the Centre for Academic Practice. http://www.lboro.ac.uk/services/cap/contact/ or contact Bryan Dawson, the lead support for Turnitin and GradeMark directly B.R.Dawson@lboro.ac.uk .