Want to make LEARN work for you next year?

Making LEARN more engaging for our students (and for us) can have impacts in developing learning and at this time of the year examples are really useful.

Significant research from a variety of disciplines and institutions exists about how to develop a blended approach to learning and the positive impact this can have on student learning (Sheffield, Betham, H., and R. Sharpe (2007), Hertfordshire to name but a few). Those teaching students joining university straight from school will often benefit from students being used to their virtual learning environment (VLE) as a dynamic place to learn. There is also research indicating that revitalising our virtual learning environment can have an impact on all aspects of our teaching too.

Videos (from Box of Broadcast), images (own, Creative Commons), direction and discussion are all elements we can draw on to develop our own LEARN pages.

It is always important to think of the journey students will take through their learning across their programme of study so that we and they can maximise connections and opportunities for learning. Maintaining the professionalism of our LEARN sites is a very visible demonstration for students about the professional way in which their learning has been considered and is being guided through individual modules to achieve the overall aims of the programme.

There are some excellent examples from across Loughborough demonstrating different ways of approaching your own LEARN site development. Click here to go to Topic 1 in the Staff Room in LEARN to see for yourself – it’s well worth a visit and a great way of sparking ideas.

FireShot Capture - Module_ Staff Room - http___learn.lboro.ac.uk_course_view.php_id=3507

If you need any help implementing your ideas or even more importantly – if you have examples of what you are doing to share with colleagues, don’t hesitate to contact CAP so an expert can get in touch with you. Email CAP@lboro.ac.uk