Setting submission dates for TurnItIn assignments

On the Summary screen (the first of 4 tabs the tutor sees when they click the link to the assignment) there is a pencil icon.  Clicking this allows editing of the dates and times.  You then need to click the tick icon (which replaces the pencil) to confirm the changes. The graphic above shows theRead more

A new way to access TurnItIn

After almost a year’s development, we now have an alternative way to submit coursework files to the TurnItIn UK plagiarism checking service.  Learn has a new TurnItIn Assignment activity in which: Students  submit their coursework by uploading to a TurnItIn Assignment activity Learn stores a local copy and also automatically sends a copy for checkingRead more

Changes at TurnItIn UK

We are now into our sixth year of using the TurnItIn service, and there are several changes to the service for the new year. From September 4th, registered users (who already have logins and passwords for the service) will see a new interface to the service when the visit the website.  The changes aim atRead more


Here’s a quick stat to make academic colleagues think as they finish marking: Total questions marked automatically by Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) during Semester 2 exams: 296,963 If you could mark a question in 5 seconds (!) and could continuously mark for 6 hours a day, it would take 69 days. That’s almost 14 weeks ofRead more

New Learn plug-in for TurnItIn access

The good news is that Learn now has a new Activity type, a TurnItIn Assignment. Unlike previous connections with the plagiarism detection service, this one has the students doing the submitting.  Staff no longer need to be individually registered for the service – Learn is registered instead. Advantages: A scaleable service, because individuals are noRead more

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