Focus on feedbackThere is accumulating evidence that on-line marking and feedback can be more effective and efficient than traditional paper-based methods. Thus using technology, to deliver feedback can have several benefits:

  • It allows us to provide more feedback in less time through the use of repeated comments;
  • It helps provide more detailed feedback through the use of in-text annotations and general comments;
  • It can help develop a stronger link between marking criteria, feedback and the grade through the additional use of a rubric.

What is GradeMark?

GradeMark is an on-line marking system which is part of Turnitin (often used to check originality), and can be accessed via Learn. Continue reading

Transforming the experience of students through assessment: TESTA

Focus on assessmentTESTA is a methodology designed to address assessment and feedback issues at the programme-level. It is built on a robust, triangulated research methodology with qualitative and quantitative elements, and underpinned by educational principles and research literature.

What problem is TESTA addressing?

• The disconnect between assessment innovations at the individual module level and assessment problems at the programme-level
• The imbalance between summative assessment and formative assessment
• The lack of clarity students have over understanding the goals and standards they should be orienting their overall effort towards (often a result of the QAA course specification requirements)
• The lack of co-ordinated programme-wide assessment policy and practice

The main aim of TESTA is to enhance the student learning experience from assessment by providing evidence to programme teams about assessment and feedback patterns and to help teams to identify ways of improving assessment design in the interests of better learning outcomes. The approach of TESTA has been to collect programme data, analyse and collate this into a readable case study, and engage in a conversation with the whole programme team about the findings.

TESTA has been implemented on over 100 programmes across 40 national and international universities, which reflects the level of success the approach has achieved.

The aim at Loughborough University is to pilot the approach and in light of this I am seeking to identify programmes that may be suitable. If you are interested or if you would like more information then please get in touch. h.k.basra [at] lboro.ac.uk

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