Truly taking the MOOC (Part 2)

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It’s Week 6 and we’re just under half-way through our Introduction to Learning Technologies course with the University of Saskatchewan (UofS). Further to the call in the previous Truly taking the MOOC post asking for other colleagues to get involved, there are three of us based here at Loughborough University who now meet regularly in orderRead more

Not as easy as it looks…

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To the people out there that say delivering a lecture is easy, think again. I can now say this from experience! As the Graduate Intern in the Teaching Centre I’ve been involved in lots of different elements of Learning and Teaching at Loughborough and I have to say I never imagined I’d actually ever give a lecture.Read more

Truly taking the MOOC

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Moments after registering for the University of Saskatchewan’s new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) – or, as they term it, a TOOC (Truly Open Online Course) – I have that sense of forboding that only a New Year’s resolution can bring. But, by now blogging about it, I may not be able to get out of it that easily, henceRead more

Group work resources

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Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we already have! A colleague was recently in touch regarding group work resources, and that set us to thinking. Indeed, it led us to conclude that there is a lot of good advice out there already from which we can draw. For example, the Learnhigher Centre for Excellence in TeachingRead more

Tablets in Learning and Teaching

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If you read the sister blog to this one, the E-learning Blog, you’ll know that the Teaching Centre is running a project next year called Tablets in Learning and Teaching (TiLT). It’s clear there is a lot of interest in this area among academic colleagues because within a matter of hours after sending out anRead more

Equality and diversity for academics

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Equality and diversity are increasingly central considerations in all of the decisions we make and the actions we take as Loughborough University staff. The Equality Challenge Unit (which promotes equality and diversity across Higher Education) has created a specific set of resources for use by academic staff; this includes a briefing document regarding the legal context andRead more

Teaching large/small groups … 10 years on!

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Some ten years after they first appeared, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) articles by Peter Cantillon regarding the teaching of large groups and David Jaques on teaching small groups continue to be relevant today. This is not, as the BMJ might say, just about helping doctors to make better decisions, because the advice contained inRead more

Loughborough University Institutional Repository

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Research-informed teaching goes to the heart of the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum. It is epitomised by the dissertations and/or projects which students themselves undertake towards the end of their studies, when staff deliver final year undergraduate modules within their field of research, and when students collaborate with staff in research and/or are exposed to their latestRead more

Twitter – not just for telling the world what you had for breakfast!

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I’ve noticed a perception among some colleagues that Twitter serves little purpose beyond revealing the tedious minutiae of celebrities’ daily lives. But in fact we’re starting to see some interesting examples of Twitter being exploited for teaching and learning here at Loughborough; take at look at the e-learning blog for more on this.Read more

Teaching for the first time

If you’re a first-time teacher, perhaps a PhD student who has been asked to do a few hours, you may well find the prospect pretty daunting. The Teaching at Kent blog, run by Kate Bradley, has a series of posts aimed at first-time teachers in which experienced lecturers answer some of the questions you’re likelyRead more

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