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Loughborough Student Life

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Saying Bye to My First Year

Today was the first day of saying bye since one of my friends is leaving home already tomorrow. Even though I am going to see him after the summer, it is a really weird feeling not to see someone for three months when you are used to seeing them almost every day. You don’t realise […]

What to do in times of stress

So once again, I’ll be writing a blog post aimed at helping those with exams and big deadline hand-ins due to being exam season, and ultimately the time when students experience the highest stress levels. This time I wanted to write about what to do when it all just gets too much, and you feel […]

It’s official! My time as a Loughborough student is now OVER!

I handed in my last ever assignment on Monday 4th June and as soon as I clicked on ‘submit’. Suddenly, I felt so nervous, confused, excited and lost! I didn’t know what or how to feel. It was definitely a happy moment to have finished my degree which I have worked so hard for over […]

Coping with Stress

Stress is a neurological or physiological reaction to help us cope with an external event. However, in a world that creates interventions and gives advice on how to reduce stress we often forget that stress isn’t all bad. For example, it can increase our alertness and improve our behavioural and cognitive activities, thus our performance. […]

Results day blog

I decided to focus this month’s blog on results day and the different feelings you may experience in the lead up to going to university. I have gathered the opinions of my twin brother and mum by asking various questions, so that you can get a feel of the different feelings people have on results […]

The Thief of Time, Balls, and Outreach!

Hello and Welcome to my April blog! This month, I’m going to talk about The Thief of Time (a.k.a. procrastination), an engineering outreach escapade with the Royal Academy of Engineering, and Ball season on campus… Procrastination, how to recognise it, and how to deal with it I find it amusingly ironic, but I’ve spent the […]

Life, 500 days after graduating

Over the past five years, I’ve gone from sixth form, to Loughborough University, to starting my career. The journey has tested and grown me, and along the way, I have felt nearly every emotion.

Eat healthy, stay wealthy

Eating in university is difficult. Okay, fine, cooking is difficult. Okay, maybe the part where you’re an average broke student, who doesn’t want to cook nor know how to is difficult. Or maybe you simply don’t have time to go to Tesco where you can afford vegetables and end up spiralling down the dark path […]

Work and Play in the UK

Create Copies of your Work! A brief segue on the importance of backing up your work using multiple methods. This is actually not my original blog post which was lost over the weekend due to an issue with my Cloud storage.

Reunion Day

As promised I’m back filling you in with another Q&A from my reunion day at school over Easter.