Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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Study Trip to Prague

On 1st May, my course group and I flew to Prague, part of our coursework for Graphic Communication and Illustration.

Exploring the Midlands

The Easter holiday was wonderful this year and was a much welcomed break (actually, it wasn’t a break at all, I just spent less time on campus but it was a nice change of scenery!)

Things to do outside of lectures

Since starting at university, I’ve found that people who’ve not experienced it have a strange idea about how I’m spending my life. I think they assume that I sleep through the day and spend every other night at the union or in a pub (don’t get me wrong, sometimes they are spot on!)

Coping with Coursework

A few tips for those of you who take coursework subjects!  How to deal with coursework stress, through mindfulness and organisation…

Open days 101

Open days can seem like a really daunting experience especially when it is your first time going to one, but they’re extremely useful when it comes to making that all important decision of choosing what university you want to attend.