Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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Busy June, busy July!

I am writing this month’s blog while lying on my new bed, listening to a concentration music playlist on Spotify and feeling very much relaxed. If you have read my last blog, you might remember that I was going to the International Summer School at the School of Economics for two weeks. I had just […]

How to make yourself more employable

So its summer and I’m expecting most of you will be reading this because A) you’re looking for a summer job, B) thinking about life after university, or C) because your ‘dream job’ turned out not so great.

kelsie at the coach and volunteering awards

My Loughborough highlights!

Hello, all of my lovely readers! As per usual, I hope you all are doing well the past month and are excited for the summer holiday coming up very soon. I have had a wonderful month with lots of events as the academic year is coming to an end. The first thing I would like […]

Timehop down under

My 20th birthday – this time last year – was one that will last long in the memory. The day before (May 22nd), myself and 8 friends jumped out of a plane from 15,000 feet, landing on a glorious beach in Jurien Bay. The day itself (May 23rd), I spent with ten chaps on a […]

laptop and revision notes

Exams at Loughborough explained

Bit of an advance warning, this won’t be the most exciting blog entry you’ve ever read. The last month or so has been exam and revision central for everyone at Loughborough. I’ve had 4 exams so far, with one left in a few days of writing this; struggling for motivation but looking forward to being […]

The sun has FINALLY got his hat on!

All I can say is that this last month has absolutely flown by! It is scary to think that I have actually finished my second year of university at Luff and have handed in my coursework pieces that now count for my final grade. But again, what a month is has been full of sunshine, […]

My last ever exam

I sit and my heart races. In fact, the hearts of those who surround me, sat at identically shaped, spaced and painted desks, are also probably racing. The synchronized clocks tick together, while the senior invigilators echos the word which I have now learnt to memory over the past 3 years out of the speaker system. Welcome to […]

Two golden Labradors at a puppy petting session.

How to deal with stress

The start of university for me was very much like coursework, revision, coursework, revision, and then as a break I’d probably treat myself to some coursework… You know, just for a change. Well yeh I kind of made it hard for myself, just a little bit…. I worked long hours, no breaks. There was a […]

Coursework crunch time

After a great month at home, 18th April meant back to the Luff Bubble I went. I got back into the swing of things after a month off with lectures and seminars and my upcoming coursework deadlines.