Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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Pilkington, my old friend

As ever, the festive winter break went by in a flash. A chilled family Christmas at home, followed by a somewhat-less-chilled New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam, and I was back at Uni before I knew it.

Introducing Niamh

Hello all! Welcome to my first blog! I hope all of you reading this had a special Christmas and New Year whatever you got up to.

Introducing Lauren

Hello! I’m Lauren and for the next 12 months I will (fingers crossed) be giving you an insightful and entertaining look into life as a Loughborough University student.

Introducing Imogen

“The best university is the university of life” (Henrique Capriles Radonski) – but I couldn’t imagine my life without what university has taught me!

Winter graduation

Dear my lovely readers, I hope you are all well, and excited for the holiday period. As I was writing this, I was on the train from Loughborough back to London.

Farewell to Tom

Going to start this off by saying this is my last blog entry, so thank you to everyone that’s read it over the last 12 months!

Perks of the placement

I’ve always been one for travel, whether it’s closer to home and a quick camping trip to Wales, or sampling basically every culinary dish I could in Singapore.


Ten years ago, I was at Judo. I was fighting this boy, as we fell to the floor and grappled to score a point I felt an emotion towards him. An emotion that I didn’t understand nor was it explained I should feel this towards another boy.